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Chaparral Technologies, Inc :: Outsourcing Solutions for Die casting, Forgings, Powder Metal, Precision Machining, PPrecision Stamping, CNC Machining and Sintered Metals

About Us

Our office in the heart of the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex at 1340 Post & Paddock, Suite 400, Grand Prairie, Texas - 75050

Carol Oglesby, Administrative Assistant, performs tasks that are vital to keeping the office running smoothlyAshwin Kalia has been with Chaparral Technologies, Inc. for 17 years and has served as President of the Corporation since December 1990Sales Strategy

Chaparral Industries was organized in 1968. Since its inception, the company has been managed through the concepts of organized, strategic selling. Over the years the systems, policies, and procedures within the agency have been continuously refined to provide us the competitive edge to maintain a steady trend of growth for the companies we represent.

Chaparral Technologies, Inc. operates its main office in Fort Worth, Texas, conveniently located in the center of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex and near the DFW airport. This office is staffed with two Regional Sales Managers, and an Administrative Manager. We also operate regional sales offices in Houston, TX, and Tulsa, OK. Collectively, Chaparral Technologies, Inc. has four direct salesmen. The main office is housed in a modern 4,000 sq.ft. suite including a well-equipped conference room and warehouse space. Chaparral Technologies and its regional sales offices are all equipped with a high performance computer network that allows us total automation of all aspects of our business. In addition we have a fully functional trade show booth and a vast library of technical reference material.

As a leader in our field, we have the resources to deal with most CAD Systems, Pro-E, Solid Works and AutoCAD to assist our customers with a state-of-the-art tooling design and provide our customers with a design assistance services that are rarely supplied by other Manufacturers Representatives.


 •  Die Casting
 •  Investment Casting
 •  Permanent Molding
Powdered Metals
 •  Sintered Bronze
 •  Stress Analysis
 •  Powdered Metal Parts
Metal Forming
 •  Steel Forging
 •  Impression Die
 •  Ferrous Metals
 •  Centrifugal/Forming
Precision Machining
 •  CNC Machining
 •  Multi-Axis
 •  Screws & Threads
 •  Metal Molding
 •  Screw Machine
 •  Stamping Metal
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