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Chaparral Technologies, Inc :: Outsourcing Solutions for Die casting, Forgings, Powder Metal, Precision Machining, PPrecision Stamping, CNC Machining and Sintered Metals

Companies Represented By Chaparral Technologies, Inc.

Twin City Die Castings CompanyTaylor Metalworks, Inc.Clarion Sintered MetalsBurnstein con Seelen Precision Castings CorporationFisherCast GlobalACSA Steel Forgings SPAWatry IndustriesQuantum CompositesALC PrecisionRoberts Automatic Products, Inc.MorrisseyKinetics - A Climax Engineered Materials Company Companies Represented by Chaparral Technologies

Chaparral Technologies, Inc. is proud to represent some of the best organizations in the mechanical components industry. We have nurtured long-term, true partnerships with our Principals by truly working with them as an extension of their organization. Our Principals share our commitment to be value-added suppliers dedicated to total customer satisfaction.



Business Activity


Alloymax Precision Casting------------------------


Ferrous and Non-Ferrous


Euskal Forging--------------------------------------


Seamless Rolled Rings


Kuhn Special Steels---------------------------------


Stainless Steel Components




Open Die Forgings up to 35 tons




Ductile Iron Castings


Roberts Automatic----------------------------------


Screw Machining, CNC Machining


Schmolz + Bickenbach Guss GMBH--------------


Steel and Stainless Steel Castings


Taylor Metalworks----------------------------------


Precision CNC Milling and Turning

 •  Die Casting
 •  Investment Casting
 •  Permanent Molding
Powdered Metals
 •  Sintered Bronze
 •  Stress Analysis
 •  Powdered Metal Parts
Metal Forming
 •  Steel Forging
 •  Impression Die
 •  Ferrous Metals
 •  Centrifugal/Forming
Precision Machining
 •  CNC Machining
 •  Multi-Axis
 •  Screws & Threads
 •  Metal Molding
 •  Screw Machine
 •  Stamping Metal
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