Manufacturer’s Representatives are independent salespeople doing business development for multiple companies. They are the cost-effective alternative to hiring factory paid sales force. Manufacturer’s Representatives have expertise in their specialty of products or services and generally operate in geographically defined territories. They represent multiple companies that are complementary and synergistic but not competing.

Chaparral Technologies, Inc. is a Manufacturer’s Representative Agency specializing in made to drawings and specifications, custom made, metal components, assemblies, and products. The sales team at Chaparral is composed of Metallurgical, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineer professionals with about 80 years of combined experience in metal component manufacturing technologies, and processes. Chaparral represents highly qualified manufacturers, covering a wide range of metal processing technologies, that are dedicated to serve our customers. Chaparral has been in operation in the Southwestern United States for over 54 years, developing deep knowledge of products and needs of the Original Equipment Manufacturers in the region.

What Is a Manufacturer’s

Value of a Manufacturer’s Representative for a buyer:

A professional Manufacturer’s Representative offers the customer multiple solutions for their applications. Thus, the buyer spends far less time working with a Manufacturer’s Representative than with multiple direct salespeople who are tasked to promote just once option for the application. The Rep essentially acts as a consultant offering accurate information about each manufacturing option and is motivated to allow the buyer to choose the most efficient manufacturing process for their application.

Once the optimal manufacturing process is selected, the Reps act as the buyers advocate with the manufacturer they represent and facilitate design for manufacturability efforts to eliminate cost drivers and future quality issues with the product. Being focused on a much smaller geographical territory, the Reps are able to serve the customer through the life cycle of the product and able to offer continuous improvement ideas.

Value of a Manufacturer’s Representative for a seller:

Manufacturer’s Representatives have a well-established credibility in the markets they serve through past successes on selling complementary products or services. This allows a seller an opportunity for faster market penetration than starting from scratch with a direct sales force. A professional Representative has established customer and prospect base that take years to build.

The cost of hiring a Manufacturer’s Representative is fixed and only payable on a successful sale. Therefore, selling through independent Manufacturer’s Representative is much more cost effective than a direct sales force. There are little or no upfront cost like salaries, benefits, and expenses to pioneer a new region from scratch.

In today’s business environment, customer knowledge and value identification from customer standpoint is the greatest asset that a Manufacturer’s Representative brings to the table. They provide insight into customers problems, applications, and needs to allow the seller to make an intelligent proposal which gives them the best chance of getting the business. This knowledge requires the investment of lots of time that is hard for a direct salesforce to allocate to a very large prospect pool.

Why Chaparral Technologies, Inc.

The entire team is made up of graduate engineers.

Expertise in application engineering, design for manufacturability, value engineering, and continuous improvements.

Successfully operating for over 54 years in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Kansas.

Hands on coverage of the territory utilizing a team of 4 Certified Professional Manufacture’s Representatives.

Long standing performance-based relationships with both the Customers and Principals.

Proven record of leveraging full assets of the Principals to complement the core competencies of the Customer.

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